About this Site

Mission Statement

This website is dedicated to helping others move out of the dark and into the light.  It is a safe, non-judgmental location where anyone struggling with shame, guilt, fear, or anger can find assistance in learning how to cope with these emotions and related issues.

Some of these resources will help, others not so much.  Please read with a open mind.  Use what works for you.  Ignore the rest until another time.


What is the Dark?

The Dark is that secret place inside of you where your fears, shame, guilt, anger and frustration flourish.  It keeps you from feeling confident, standing up for yourself, seizing opportunities and living life on your terms.  The Dark encourages hopelessness insecurity, unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the self.  It stops you from making positive changes, treating yourself and others with respect and compassion, from giving and receiving unconditional love, and from showing your true and vulnerable self to the outside world.

Does this sound familiar?


What is the Light?

The Light is that secret place inside of you where hope, innocence, vulnerability, compassion, empathy, kindness, respect, and radical acceptance flourish.  It acts as your conscience, offers support to help you build self confidence, allows you to make connections with others, and is the foundation from which you can live life on your terms.  The Light encourages compassion, vulnerability, authenticity, confidence, and radical acceptance of the self with all of its imperfections.  It encourages you to be yourself, live your values, ask for and accept help, and be non-judgmental of yourself and others.

Is this something you relate to?


How about those Shadows (aka the Grey)?

The Dark and the Light exist on a continuum.  In between them, live the Shades of Grey, or the Shadows.  Many individuals live in the Shadows and swing between the extremes depending on experience and circumstance.  For those of you struggling towards the lighter end, the Shadows are a stopover on the journey to your goals in the Light.  For those of you in a different place, the Shadows are a stepping stone deeper into the Dark as your fears, shame, etc. take over your life.  Those are but two examples of the many positions that exist in the Shadows.  Where you are now is not where you have to stay forever.


About Me

I am a woman who has lived in the dark of for many years.  By darkness, I mean abuse, domestic violence and the shame attached to both experiences.  Not until 2004, did I even consider another way of life, a life free of shame where my past did not control the present.  The journey to reclaim my life began that year when I made the decision to get outside help.

Thus began my journey into recovery and healing.  Read more

4 thoughts on “About this Site

  1. What an amazing and uplifting initiative, thank you for creating this blog. Am more than sure that many many lives will find comfort and strength in the words shared here!
    You are a blessing!

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    • Thank you for the kind words and the links. I’m glad my website is helping you. Unfortunately, I do not accept links through comments. If you want to share them, please fill out the form connected to the Resource Page. I will check out links from there. Sincerely, AlterXpressions


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