ADMIN: Guest Comments, Evolving FAQ

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Dear Guests,

I’ve been receiving some wonderful comments on the “About” and “Home” pages. Thank you for sharing thoughts, compliments, feedback, etc. The purpose of this “Sticky” post is to address some of the frequently asked questions aka FAQs in an easily accessible place. It will evolve and change as the blog does. If the FAQs get to be too long, I will move them to their own page and keep the sticky one here shorter.

Thanks for reading,


Q1: I asked a question, but you haven’t responded yet. Why not?
A1: Almost all comments go directly to the spam filter, and it takes a couple hours for me to go through the comments, approve or delete them, and respond.
A2: I follow my own blog rules for responding to comments. You can find out more about that here and here.

Q2: I’m having technical issues with RSS, content formatting, etc. When will they be fixed?
A1: If the issues are related to my site, I will do my best to contact WordPress customer support for assistance and get the issue fixed ASAP. If the issue is not with my site, then I’m not sure what to do except say: “thank you for bringing the issue to my attention and continuing to visit.” You can also read more about technology issues related to the site here.

Q3: Your content is great, but…where are the photos/videos, etc.?
A3p1: Thanks for the comment and the feedback. As a writer without much technical skill or money, I’m working to improve on my photography skills to add photos as time permits. Videos are not often added here because that requires an upgrade and more money. As this site and all of its content is free, I try to give you the best content possible within my means.

Q4: Your web site title is kind of (insert word here), and so are your post titles. If you made it more relevant or catchier, you could get more traffic. Why not change it?
A4: Thank you for the feedback. Yes, my website title is subtle and not related to the content here at first glance. That is on purpose. This site is meant to be anonymous and safe for anyone who visits wherever the guest may be. By setting up the home page, etc. as it is, my guests can view posts and other info no matter what situation they are in and not have to worry about retaliation, punishment, etc. If you want to read more, try these posts:

Q5: Do you have any tips for aspiring writers/bloggers? Apprenticeships, etc.?
A5: While I do not have any “official” posts or published articles with tips,  I added 2 new post categories called “Writing and Blogging” and “Life Quirks”. You can find posts about writing and blogging by selecting one of these categories from the Category Menu or the Search Bar called “Look Around”. As time permits and inspiration strikes, I will add more writing and blogging tips to those categories. *UPDATE: I’ve started a newsletter on Scent Reflections that includes exclusive content (including writing resources and recipes) each month. Visit the website to sign up*

Q6: I want to donate to your site. Is that possible? Is there a donation button?
A6: Thank you for your interest in supporting this website and blog. *Update: I couldn’t accept payments or donations before because this site was not part of a business. However, now that Untangled Connections is part of the Scent Reflections LLC business, I can accept PayPal payments through this page. Your support is valued and appreciated. Thank you

Q7: How can I write to you? Will you write back to me? What about comments?

7A: At this time, you can comment on blog posts. Most go to SPAM, so there is a chance that your comment does not get a response if I think it is SPAM and does not follow blog rules.

I  tried to offer a comment form, but all comments went directly to the SPAM filter. Since those messages go to my e-mail inbox, I decided that it’s too risky to address those messages because of increased problems with phishing, viruses, malware, etc.

Q8: Where are you? Will you be writing more?

8A: I am writing weekly here at Untangled Connections and more often at my new business Scent Reflections LLC. Each site is similar yet different and appeals to different audiences. For more information about which site you want to visit please read this post: Work, life, mental health: coming out — Scent Reflections LLC