Anniversary Post: Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year’s (aka Lunar New Year) eve and the beginning of celebrations for the Spring Festival.  In observance of the traditional values, I am going to share this quote from Maya Angelou:


Celebrating the Lunar New Year is about embracing the possibilities of a happy, healthy, prosperous beginning with family, friends, and community.

My family consists of the people who love, respect, and accept me as I am; and who allow me to love, respect, and accept them as they are.  Most do not share blood and probably do not think of me in that sense.  That is ok because family means something different to everyone.

My friends are people I enjoy spending time with; who accept me as I am; and support me no matter how much they may disagree or not understand my choices.  Friends know parts of me as I know parts of them; we share some of our lives with each other, but are not as close as family.

My community is the group of people I spend the most time with: family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, storekeepers, etc.  I have two communities: one in the neighborhood where I live; and one in the neighborhoods where I work.  A third community is slowly embracing me: Chinatown.

I am thankful for many changes that occurred over the past year because those changes enable me to embrace the opportunities opening up this year.  Opportunities like not being afraid of my heritage anymore; like going back to Chinatown and being part of the Chinese community again; like celebrating and enjoying my favorite holiday from beginning (tonight) until end (15 days from now).

Maya Angelou’s quote is one I plan on adding to my affirmations list.  It reminds me of how being supportive and honest helps me help others while also bring like-minded people into my life.  I hope it brings some positive energy to yours as well.

Gong Hay Fat Choy! (Happy New Year)