ADMIN: Technical Issues (Potential & Actual)

Viewing Issues / Slow Page Uploads

It’s come to my attention that there have been some issues with slow page uploads and trying to navigate the website/blog posts.

Sorry about that.  I had some issues earlier in December/January when WordPress wouldn’t let me in  to the main website on Google Chrome and Safari, but thought they had been resolved.

Holidays are always busy and stressful, so not much has been updated on the static pages.  I will try and troubleshoot the problem on a free weekend, but please remember that this is a FREE website and blog run by a person with limited e-skills.  And not having a paid account limits what resources are available to fix slow page uploads.

SPAM and comments

I don’t check the comments directly often.  Most of  the time, the alerts link informs me if someone makes a comment or “likes” a post, etc.

If it’s not already in the blog rules (and I will check  to make the update), please do not include websites or links in your comments unless the topics are directly related to resources or other relevant blogs here.  

Anything else will be considered SPAM from now on and not approved to show in the comments sections.

This is to protect and preserve the SAFETY, ANONYMITY, & CREDIBILITY of this website, the blog, and the guests who visit.


Most of my resources are the same as before.  I am looking into some new alternatives and information, but the sources need to be verified or fact checked first.  I’m also unsure how to graphically represent strategies like gratitude, laughter, and so on on Pinterest.

The other pages have been designed to need minimal updates and be relevant over long periods of time.  Only the blog gets regular updates.

Thank you

I appreciate all comments and feedback.  All suggestions for improving the website are taken into consideration.  Thanks to people who point out or let me know when something isn’t working properly too.

I don’t look at the website from the reader view and am grateful to my guests for caring enough to inform me of such occurrences.

Thanks for reading.

Recovery: From Survival Mode to Long-Term Care Mode

Survival Mode

Since moving out-of-state, my alters and I have moved out of survival mode.  Most of the every day triggers are gone.  All of us feel emotionally and physically safe here.  We are integrating with each other to create an “I” on the inside and integrating with our new community on the outside.

The coping challenges are different.  The strategies that help are not quite the same either.  We all have more down time between panic attacks and other escalating symptoms now.  No one is worried about maintaining calm and sanity every moment of every day.

None of us feel crazy or insane or bad anymore.  We go for days without major dissociation and lost time.  We can focus better and be slightly more active.  We can cook and do some basic housekeeping with better self-care too.

Present Care Mode

Problem-solving and working on issues that cause problems every day:

  • physical pain from body memories
  • internal body injuries related to spine and muscles
  • digestion problems
  • dental care and rehabilitation
  • lack of energy
  • mild agoraphobia
  • hygiene

These issues focus on different kinds of strategies and self-care that have not yet been explored on this blog.

The other issues and mental coping strategies will not be ignored or abandoned.

If at any time someone wants me to re-visit a mental coping strategy or some other issue, please let me know in the comments.

But there will be more focus on strategies and techniques for physical coping and related issues as our recovery moves to different phases.

Some of the issues being discussed this year include:

  • Pain management without medicine
  • Chiropractic medicine
  • Massage therapy
  • Financial planning and strategies for repayment
  • Dental-related coping strategies
  • Working to find providers with and without insurance
  • Oral hygiene in spite of panic attack level triggers
  • And planning a timeline for all of this to happen before I go back to graduate school


I am grateful for my job, my co-workers and colleagues, my early lessons in financial planning and debt repayment, and medical/dental insurance.  I am grateful for a support network of mental health and physical health providers that will expand this year.  And I am grateful for you guests who visit this website and blog.

You are part of a different kind of support network and community that I never thought I could be part of.

And while many of you might wonder how advanced planning and being financially savvy are coping techniques for physical and body related issues, I do know how important knowledge in both areas are from personal experience.  Maybe these tips and experiences will help.  Maybe not.

All I ask is that you read with an open mind.  Use what helps, and ignore the rest.

Thanks for reading.

ADMIN Post: Lots happening; can’t share yet

I wanted to share a story about how recovering memories and reconciling a secret or hidden life with the open/or unhidden one affects all of us in the system, but cannot today.

A lot happened over the weekend, and I/we are still processing everything.  I have a lot of decisions that could negatively effect safety, recovery, and life balance by mid-December.  And everyone in the system requires time to process the information, think about our choices, share an opinion, participate in the discussion, and help make the final decisions.

My goal is to write a post for Wednesday and Sunday coming up, but please bear with me if that does not come to pass.  Right now, self-care and being kind to myself takes priority over almost everything except work and taking care of basic needs (food, bills, etc.)

Thanks for reading and understanding.

ADMIN POST: Not blogging again until next Wednesday

Dear Readers,

My birthday is on Friday.  I’m turning 34 and excited for that to happen.  As part of my celebration, I’m taking the weekend off from my computer (except to pay bills or anything like that) and giving myself a break from as many mobile devices as possible.

The next post will go up on Wednesday, October 12, 2016.  Not sure about the timing yet, but it will happen before midnight Pacific time.

Thanks for understanding!


ADMIN: Thank you for your patience

Dear Guests,

Thank you for your patience during this slow post period as I moved.  I am grateful for your kindness and compassion since any changes in routines can be jarring and/or triggering.  My teen, young adult, and not human alters also thank you all for being patient with them as they tried to post once in a while with minimal help from the adults and other alters who usually help them with the process.



Admin Post: Continued irregular posting schedule until August or September 2016

Earlier this week, I put down a hold deposit for my new apartment and am moving across the country at the beginning of August.  That said, I am in the middle of getting rid of 90-99% of my stuff and then packing the rest to ship via UPS or FEDEX ground.  Also have to clean up this apartment, take care of moving paperwork, and finish transfer arrangements ar work.
My schedule is going to be crazy.  I have been working over time to complete projects before leaving here.  Most of that requires me to be in the office instead of working from home, so commuting is also earing up a lot of time.
The goal is to continue posting 2x a week.  I might only have time for 1 post instead.  Personally, I would rather skip a week or put up one quality post instead of publishing 2 less polished, clear, and informative ones on the regular schedule.

The goal is to pack and ship everything at the end of July or first days in August.  Then clean and remove the rest of the stuff from the apartment.  Leave keys and contact info with the landlord.  Fly out by end of first week in August at the latest.  Be settled into a new routine working from home and blogging 2x a week by September.
Ambitious?  Yes.  Hopeful?  Yes.  Determined?  Yes.

Will I be upset if this plan goes off schedule?  Not really.  There is a lot of flexibility worked into the time line, and I have a lot of help from my support network.

Thanks for reading and understanding about the “crazy”, busy life right now.

Best Regards,


ADMIN Post: Wordpress is putting adds at the bottom of posts

Dear Guests,

As I wrote today’s post and previewed it in the editor, I noticed that WordPress has started putting advertisements at the bottom of some posts for readers to see without my consent.  In order to make this go away, I would have to pay for an upgrade.

That is not possible at this time, so my apologies for any ads you may see on my website and blog.  I am not putting the ads up and am not making any profit from the ads.  Please ignore any that appear on screen.

Thanks for understanding.


Resources: Coping Research, Updates and New Links

Working on accepting my body as it is and some of the changes occurring since I am not at or close to my ideal body weight.  Good because now I am physically healthy and able to do a lot more.  Scary and stressful because my body is not straight, flat, or stick-like.

It’s not a fashionable or trendy shape, but it gets a lot of attention.  And the attention scares all of us.  Acknowledged sexual attention and attention of any kind by outsiders is scary.  And with the new shape comes challenges in buying foundation garments that fit.  So we are researching ways to cope with these new feelings, sensations, and experiences.

To that end, I’ve worked with some alters to update the resources page.  We’ve added 3 links to Pinterest Boards:


Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Personal Symbols of Power: Animals that make me smile

The first link has some of my favorite image quotes.

The second link offers specific resources for Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  Anyone with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or working through Posttraumatic stress might benefit from these resources too.

The last link has images of some of my favorite animals: otters, turtles, dogs, etc. that make me smile.

CAVEAT: I also have another public board on there called “Wish List”.  It’s a wish board of items I want and/or need for next year since I am having a “no shopping December” challenge.  Feel free to visit and view that page too if you like.  We’ll be adding more than hats and scarves as the month goes by.

How do you take control of your life when it feels out of control?


ADMIN Post: About Comments

If I have not published or responded to your comments, my apologies.  I just recently realized that the Spam filter collected a few comments.  Some were obviously spam.  Others not.

To err on the side of caution, I deleted comments that were not recognizable as comments for site pages or blog posts.  Please feel free to comment again and put in a note that you are NOT spam.  I am happy to publish and respond to any comments that follow the site and blog commenting rules (same for both places).

This commenting and moderation part of running a blog is new to me, so please bear with my mistakes and learning curve.