Coffee Plant Gets a new home

Writer’s Block, Vacation & Inspiration

Disclaimer: this is a place of learning, safety, and hope. Take what you want from the post and forget the rest. Maybe this will help you. Maybe it won’t.

Wow! Two posts in a week. Guess I am making up for some lost time. Vacation was awesome! I got 10 days to sleep however I felt and do whatever I wanted. The home photo is from garden renovations; lots of plants needed re-potting, and the whole space got a new look. You can see some of the photos on the Scent Reflections Facebook page.

Also got a lot of work finished for my product line and aromatherapy store. Lip Balms, inhalers, lotion sticks, and salves or butters in jars.

Finished aromatherapy blends
stock bottles, liquid soap and inhalers

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Writer’s Block and Inspiration

As for the rest, I’ve been experiencing writer’s block on the other site because of trying to fit my writing style in with the rules of SEO writing. That was so frustrating and uncomfortable for me and for the guests there. In fact, they stopped visiting after the last couple posts, and I don’t blame them one bit.

My last few posts were informative and had photos, but lacked any personality because I tried to fit as many key words and phrases in as possible to meet the guidelines. What happens next?

Well, knowing me I’ll be breaking some rules and twisting others to suit my writing style. Because that kind of writing makes me avoid the computer.

If anyone out there excels at SEO writing, kudos to you! I mean it. That style is hard to master.

As for inspiration, well, gardening can do that to a person. Oh and visits from neighborhood friendly spiders too. Who knows what will come up next week šŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!