Life, Interrupted – Weekly post is delayed — Scent Reflections LLC

Greetings! I hope you all are practicing social distancing while staying safe wherever you are in this world. If you celebrate, Happy Mother’s Day too. I practice social distancing and only wear a mask when leaving the apartment building. However, circumstances have me considering wearing a mask and/or gloves whenever I leave my apartment… Which […]

Life, Interrupted – Weekly post is delayed — Scent Reflections LLC

Happy Mother’s Day if you celebrate. Anniversaries are always a challenge for me, and maybe you too, so between that and some stuff that happened yesterday today’s post is delayed.

Instead of rehashing what I wrote earlier, please read the post from Scent Reflections. If all goes as planned, I will have the post up on Tuesday after work.

I planned on exploring the concept of trauma-informed care with you all, but might be better off discussing racism, bullying, and how to protect oneself with kindness, honesty, and a dash of stubborn instead. If you have opinions, please comment on the post.

Thanks for your patience and flexibility.