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Life Quirks: Movement Challenge starts in 6 days

You don’t have to join in or participate. It’s not something I’ve really shared or done much with before here.

Anonymity is safe and precious, I get that.

Took a lot for me to reveal myself. But it was time and necessary since so many people at work and in Portland, OR know of this site.

As I mentioned before, my life is changing. I am changing. You are changing too. And I promised to do my best to include you all in the changes.

So here goes. Anticipation feels good sometimes. Anticipation laced with fear – not so great.

But here I am. Excited and Scared. Thinking about photos. Planning posts. Considering stories. Making myself vulnerable by going on Facebook Live.

And yes that was real. I’m not sure when or where it will take place. But 1 week from this coming Sunday, I will be on Facebook live recording a video as myself.

I don’t expect anyone to be there.

I feel scared that people will be there.

Moving. Creating. As myself. No makeup. Maybe bald. Maybe with a hat or scarf on. Talking to whoever decides to join or watch later.

And between now and 2 Sundays from now, I will be posting about the different kinds of movement that goes on daily. Not the same posts here as on Scent Reflections. If you want to see what’s going on there, please visit.

But I am remiss in sharing a video with you all. It’s the first one I made and has to do with aromatherapy blending. Since that is not popular here, I didn’t post it right away.

But not sharing it here feels wrong too. Here is the link to the video if you’re interested.

No, I have not forgotten my promise to make a video for you guests too. But I’m struggling with a topic to use for said video.

Being that I respect your choice not to comment often, I didn’t want to put this out there. However, if you do have a video idea and want to share it, please do in the comments.

Thanks for reading.