Work, life, mental health: coming out — Scent Reflections LLC

Scent Reflections – helping others re-define success There are many people like me out in the world. We are successful and independent, hiding in plain sight to avoid the negative reactions associated with mental illness. Not everyone ends up an addict or homeless or a criminal or something else as bad. Not everyone struggling with trauma or mental illness or addiction has to be dependent on others or stay in unsafe situations because that’s all they know or think they deserve. There are resources to help people and their connections cope with life after trauma. Because survival is hard, but re-adjusting to life after trauma is the real challenge. More important, trauma exists because change exists. Not everyone who experiences trauma develops a mental illness. People who don’t experience trauma can develop a mental illness. All people cope with stress in their lives. How we (people) cope with stress defines whether or not it is positive or negative mental health or mental illness Stress = human response to change Lots of people focus on the trauma survivor, the victim, the addict. Who looks to that person’s friends/family/connections and offers them support too? They are just as traumatized; their lives permanently changed in trying to maintain relationships with each other and the survivor/victim/addict/(your label here). I am not an expert by any means. Not a therapist, medical or mental health professional. I do not diagnose, treat, or tell people what to do. I am a student of aromatherapy and western herbalism working to earn her certifications and credentials while working full time, starting a small business, running a resource blog and website, and living life. What I can do, what I want to do is empower others manifest their health and wellness goals through aromatherapy, education, and support (aka consulting services). That is my goal with Scent Reflections

Work, life, mental health: coming out — Scent Reflections LLC