Body Memories: My Body is Talking to Me

Body Memory & Flashback Witness

During an acupuncture treatment last week, I experienced flashbacks, body memories, and switching.  My practitioner came in to take the needles out and saw me as I re-lived flashbacks on the table.  Thankfully, we talked and prepared for a situation like this.  She brought me back by talking with the alters present and being patient.

Ever since then, I’ve been experiencing more body memories, more pain, and more urges to stretch my aching back and shoulder muscles.  Instead of not feeling hungry or thirsty anymore, I feel hunger and thirst.  I enjoy food again.  And I feel more active.  And also more tired.

My Body is Talking to Me

The flashbacks happen at night instead of during the day.  I get through work okay.  But by end of day, my energy flags and I feel tired from not sleeping or not resting?

I’ve been switching at night, in my sleep, and reliving my past.  My current therapist says my body is talking to me.  I need to listen.

So I am listening.  I am paying attention.  I am working with my body instead of against it.

For that matter, I have to say that right now, the meat eaters are in charge.  They are choosing what we eat and drink, how much, how often, and in what combinations.  Thankfully, they also enjoy lots of fruit and vegetables so our nutrition stays mostly balanced.

The biggest surprise has been the increase in stretching exercises and decrease in chocolate consumption.  Although, that might be rising again with recent stress.

The Challenges are typical

  • Dissociation leads to memory blanks
  • Swtiching takes up a lot of energy so leaves everyone feeling tired
  • Pain management also consumes a lot of energy and requires tapping or self-massage sometimes.
  • Body memories, nightmares, and flashbacks contribute to distrubed or distrupted sleep.

The Strategies are not so typical

  • More music and audio grounding, less reading of books
  • More happy, silly, singing movies and less serious ones
  • More activity, less lying down
  • More socializing and cuddling with my doggie friends, less hiding from people and worrying that I’m going to blurt out something odd or uncomfortable
  • More gratitude and less fear inspiring my words and actions

How do you cope with changes in reactions to “typical” or “normal” triggers?

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