Coping Strategy: Me Time

I’ve been working a lot and focusing on getting ready for my big move in a few months lately.  Money and saving for the big move; medical insurance problems; organizing how to get rid of my belongings before I move; and increased socializing; and increasing self care so I can work, sleep, cope with all of the new-to-me challenges that come with not forgetting what I remember has eaten up a lot of the time I would take for myself.

The upside to increasing self care and working more is extra money to help with my “needs” list and saving for the big move.  The downside is less sleep, more stress, increased self-care, and less time for me to do what I like during down time.  Most weekends and week days, I miss my blog deadlines because I am sleeping.  Spring time for me means wanting to be up all night and sleep all day.  Not that I understand why; it’s what my body and brain decide for me.

That means less time to go grocery shopping; cook food I enjoy; stay healthy; go out and enjoy the sun; write blog posts to share here; update the website; and so on.  It means more potential of getting sick; feeling irritable and grumpy all the time; and getting stuck in mental loops.  It means lower energy, getting sick, sleeping more, and lots of coordination problems.

It also means being less prepared for anniversaries and anniversary months like May.  This past weekend I experienced 2 anniversaries.  Today is another anniversary.  Tomorrow will be the 4th anniversary.  This weekend and next week are two more.  Memorial Day is the last anniversary this month.  If you haven’t been counting, that makes 7 anniversaries in one month.

In spite of all of this, I am going to work hard to take back some “me time” starting with going out after work today.  Maybe I won’t get a lot of groceries or buy anything special.  But I will get to walk in the sun in a pretty outfit and enjoy the evening weather.  And  I will pick up a treat for myself to go with whatever dinner I choose to make and some other foods I have been craving.  And I will finally pick up that new toilet bowl cleaner and brush that I’ve been procrastinating on.

Tomorrow I work from home again.  So my mornings will be mine; work during the day; and relax at night.  When I am in the office the next three days, “me time” will be harder to achieve.  But I’ve got some ideas brewing.

How do you enjoy your “me time”?

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