Coping Challenge: What happens when the numbness wears off?

I feel overwhelmed and sleep a lot.  My dreams become nightmares.  My nightmares become dreams.  My body remembers and feels pain all over.  My mind feels emotions and sensations.  My spirit is filled to overflowing.  The internal dams break.  And parts of me left for dead tingle with life again.

Is it any wonder that the stress from this causes a lack of appetite?  Amd the distress lowers my immune system to make me feel sick with a lingering cold?  Or that everything combined makes me so tired all I want to do is sleep?

If anyone else feels this way, you’re not alone.  And you might not be falling into a depression or something negative.  It took me a long to understand the diffefence.  The truth is that sleep allows me to sift through the overwhelming sensations and the pain in my body without the stress of additional information from my physical senses.  Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin – the ones that keep me informed when I am awake.

So yes, I am sleeping more to help with sensory overload and the sleep dperivation.  Oddly enough, the more I sleep, the less often I experience confusing hallucinations – the kind that keep me home because I can’t tell reality from fiction.  But the more I sleep the less I eat and drink fluids.

One trick is to wake up and move around often enough to eat and hydrate in between the sleeping.    And keep nutritious, easy to make and eat, food/drinks available.    Maybe this time, when the numbness dissipates, I will be the same weight as when I started.  For my sake and the sake of my parts, I hope so.

How do you and others cope with numbness?

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