Resources: Coping Research, Updates and New Links

Working on accepting my body as it is and some of the changes occurring since I am not at or close to my ideal body weight.  Good because now I am physically healthy and able to do a lot more.  Scary and stressful because my body is not straight, flat, or stick-like.

It’s not a fashionable or trendy shape, but it gets a lot of attention.  And the attention scares all of us.  Acknowledged sexual attention and attention of any kind by outsiders is scary.  And with the new shape comes challenges in buying foundation garments that fit.  So we are researching ways to cope with these new feelings, sensations, and experiences.

To that end, I’ve worked with some alters to update the resources page.  We’ve added 3 links to Pinterest Boards:


Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Personal Symbols of Power: Animals that make me smile

The first link has some of my favorite image quotes.

The second link offers specific resources for Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  Anyone with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or working through Posttraumatic stress might benefit from these resources too.

The last link has images of some of my favorite animals: otters, turtles, dogs, etc. that make me smile.

CAVEAT: I also have another public board on there called “Wish List”.  It’s a wish board of items I want and/or need for next year since I am having a “no shopping December” challenge.  Feel free to visit and view that page too if you like.  We’ll be adding more than hats and scarves as the month goes by.

How do you take control of your life when it feels out of control?