Alter Post: Quotes from one of my favorite book series

This time of year, I tend to get depressed and sad.  The memories are mixed so I am not as angry.  My parts feel anger because they don’t want to listen to and observe people discussing the “holiday season” activities.  We all feel anxiety because this time of year brings a rise in stress and aggression throughout the community – party planning, gift buying, weather changes, etc.

Our way of coping is re-reading our favorite books about people who’ve been through traumatic experiences and still found ways to thrive – in our case paranormal romance novels.  The following quotes are from Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series (books 1-4).  I hope they inspire hope, understanding, and compassion in you the same way they do me.

Slave to Sensation

  • “This morning, she’d woken to find herself curled up in bed, whimpering.  Normal Psy did not wimper, did not show any emotion, did not feel.  But Sascha had known since childhood that she wasn’t normal.  She’d successfully hidden her flaw…but now things were going wrong.”
  • “The result of exposure would be incarceration at the Center.”
  • Or she might even discover a way to fix the flaw that marked her.  ut the second she was admitted into the Center, her world would become darkness.  Endless, silent darkness.”

Visions of Heat

  • “Sometimes raged can be a god thing.  It keeps you going when nothing else matters.”

Caressed by Ice

  • “The backlash – the use of pain to coerce compliance – was called backlash.”
  • “Silence, at its simplest, was built on a foundation of reward and punishment.”
  • “Shock a child with pain every time he laughs and he’ll learn to never so much as smile.”
  • “”He made my body feel pleasure, messed with my mind until he controlled my responses and made me enjoy every humiliating, degrading thing he did.” Shame layered her whispered words.”  Brenna to Judd
  • “”The order is wrong.” He knew the logic, had been taught it as part of the conditioning process.  When he saw her frown, he decided to prove his point.  “If I told you I think you have the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen, would you feel pleasure?””  Judd to Brenna
  • “”Of course that would make me happy.””  Brenna to Judd
  • “”What if a stranger on a dark street said the same?”  “I’d get out of there as fast as my legs would carry me.””  Judd; then Brenna
  • “”The link must be present between a body and a free mind.  Without that link, it’s not pleasure but a facsimile so wrong it’s pain””  Judd to Brenna

Mine to Posssess

  • “”They want to put implants in children’s brains to ensure full implementation of Silence.  The chips will turn the PsyNet – currently composed of individuals – into a hive mind, with the Councilors the controlling entities.””
  • “”It’ll destroy innovation, bury brilliance for the sake of conformity.””