Coping Strategy: Happy Lists and Affirmations as Reminders

A lightly edited post; still with errors

This weekend, all I wanted to do was stay home and safe.  Going out reminded me of leaving my apartment to visit family for reunions and events.  Instead, I stayed home and took care of to-do items I’ve been ignoring in between sleep and meditation.

Friday night, I was so wound up after getting exciting news that I couldn’t bring myself down from the adrenaline high.  My system does not have an “off switch” for adrenaline anymore, so I have to find ways to manually dial it down.  My alters are the same way.  So we called the hotline (link here) and spoke to someone who helped us redirect the overwhelming feelings and learn to cope with the happy feelings so that adrenaline is not triggered.

Happy List Coping Strategy

The hotline counselor suggested a happy list.  I don’t know about you readers, but I can count on one hand the number of times I have felt genuinely happy.  And each time scared the s***t out of me.  The list is to remind me of why I am happy and do not have to be scared.  Then the next time I feel this way, I can go back to the list and remember that feeling happy does not have to be scary or triggering.

Today’s Affirmation

Today’s affirmation comes from Louise Hay.  My life is full of change and transition right now.  Many positive experiences in the present and the future are taking place as I work through recovery.  My therapist would say parallel tracks.  I sometimes call it living two lives at the same time.  Both work.

Today, in this moment, I am exactly where I am supposed to be in order to move forward with my goals and dreams.  Louise Hay’s affirmation is a reminder of that.  The written words and colorful background help all of us remember not to regret our past and to feel gratitude for the positives in life now.  Reading the words helps us feel grounded and reminds us of all the ways we can feel physically and emotionally safe.

Hope this helps you too!